Wilson Hill Road Paving



Wilson Hill Rd is in an area considered to be a Priority Conservation Area (PCA) since it is adjacent to agricultural lands.  This project will benefit the local agricultural economy in West Marin by providing better access to markets and processing facilities in eastern Marin and Sonoma Counties.  For this reason, the project was a recipient of the One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

This rehabilitation project improvements for this project will generally include asphalt digouts to repair base failures, asphalt rubber chip seal as a stress absorbing membrane interlayer, hot mix asphalt overlay, shoulder backing, pavement markings/striping and traffic control on approximately 2.6 mile stretch of roadway.


Estimated project cost is $2.7M,  of which $1.18M is grant funded and the remainder will be funded from the County's Road and Bridge Fund.

Public impacts

Construction will take place during the daytime hours with traffic control measures.  Depending on the work being performed, the contractor may utilize total road closure or lane closures.  Separate road closures are required for the grinding/milling, asphalt rubber chip seal and hot mix asphalt overlay.  For the days that contractor will totally close the road, expect not to access the road from 8am to 5pm.  For the days the contractor will use lane closures, expect traffic delays of up to 15 minutes between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Residents/property owners along the road will be given advance written notifications, with a schedule, ahead of any work that requires the road to be closed in order for them to adequately prepare.  After work is complete on the road, the public will notice an immediate improvement to the road’s aesthetics and rideability.


October 2023

  • Construction began

Fall 2024

  • Expected completion of construction
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