Airport information for aircraft owners

Aircraft owners and operators may park or store their aircraft at Gnoss Field.

Transient parking

Daily transient parking is free and no commercial landing fees apply.

Aircraft parked overnight on tie-downs will be tagged and fees are $10/night for small aircraft, $15/night for turboprop aircraft, and $20/night for turbine aircraft.


Hangars at Gnoss Field are clustered in three areas: A-hangars north of the ramp, B-hangars south of the ramp, and C-hangars on the east side of the runway. Hangars in the A and B clusters are privately owned on leased ramp space. Many are for rent or sale privately. Several offers are posted on the bulletin boards around the airport.

Hangars in the C cluster are leased from Marin County. All of the county hangars are presently rented, although a waiting list is being maintained.

County Storage Permit Form

To request a permit to store an aircraft at Gnoss Field, use this form to request a tie-down space on the ramp, a portable hangar or a county hangar:

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