Cycle 9 Guardrail Replacement Project and Panoramic Highway MP 2.26 Slide Repair



4825 LF of guardrail is being removed and replaced, 2 retaining walls totaling 302 LF. A portion of the retaining wall will address a slide that occurred during a storm in October 2021 and the rest is to support the roadway shoulder and meet design standards for the new guardrail. Every year Caltrans provides state funds to local agencies for safety improvement projects. Many guardrails around Marin County are deemed to be noncompliant with current standards or damaged, these funds will go towards replacing those guardrails.


Federal Grant Number Lowest Bid + 10% Contingency Grant
Amount ($)
Share ($)
ER-15J1(002) $517,390 $223,637 $293,753
HSIPL-5927(123) $2,291,716 $2,103,378 $188,337
Total $2,809,106 $2,327,015 $482,090


October 2021

  • Storm caused a slide on Panoramic Highway MP 2.26

September 2023

  • Contract awarded to Buhler commercial

October 2023

  • Work begins on project

November 2023

  • Mobilization/Construction begins

April  2024

  • Project anticipated to be completed



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