Recorded encroachment permit


Approved and completed improvements constructed in the County right-of-way must be officially recorded at the County’s Accessor/Recorder’s Office. To initiate this process:

  • Prepare an 8.5” by 11” site plan, drawn to scale with dimensions provided and a 0.5” border that CLEARLY indicates the right-of-way line, edge of pavement, centerline of road, street name and all improvements within the right-of-way. See example sketch.
    • Include the address and Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) in the title block, along with the date of the drawing; a font size of 12 is recommended.
    • The Recorder’s office will refuse any site plan that contains smudges or illegible lettering or notations.
    • To be sure that the Recorder’s office will accept your site plan we highly suggest that you strictly follow these site plan guidelines.
  • Obtain copy of the property deed.

The fee for recording an encroachment permit is $170.00.

A DPW Land Development engineer will review the submitted documents. After receipt of any necessary modifications, the engineer will prepare a permit for the applicant to have notarized. After the applicant returns the notarized permit to Land Development, the engineer will complete the final steps for the document to be sent to the Accessor/Recorder’s office. A copy of the recorded encroachment permit will be sent to the applicant.

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