Four Corners Intersection Improvements



Marin County Public Works has been evaluating potential design improvements for the Panoramic Highway / Sequoia Valley Road / Muir Woods Road intersection, also known as Four Corners. The intersection provides access between Highway 101, Shoreline Highway, Mill Valley, and Tam Valley to Muir Woods, Mount Tamalpais, Stinson Beach, and other West Marin destinations frequented by locals and visitors alike.

Typically, the Four Corners intersection has a daily traffic volume of about 4,100 vehicles during weekdays. That number can swell to over 7,000 vehicles per day on weekends with nice weather. With the goal of improving visibility and functionality for all users, including tourists who may not be familiar with the area, the project will address the configuration of the intersection, including the skewed approaches of the roadways and lane alignments. The number of cyclists and hikers either using or crossing the roadway further emphasizes the multimodal uses and the need to develop a solution that benefits all users.


Estimated cost and funding of the potential project is TBD. This effort is currently in the study phase.


December 1, 2022

  • Online public meeting to discuss the current conditions of the intersection and possible design concepts for a potential project.


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