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CalEPA’s California Environmental Reporting System (CERS)


In September 2008, California Assembly Bill AB2286 was signed into law by the Governor requiring that by January 1, 2014 all businesses and agencies report to their CUPA electronically. As a result, Marin County CUPA is requiring all regulated facilities report electronically by January 1, 2014, to CalEPA’s California Environmental Reporting System (“CERS”). 

CERS website


  1. Go to the CERS website and create an account. 
  2. Once you have access to CERS, request access to an existing CERS business by clicking “Search Existing Business/Facilities.” Search for your facility (some data was uploaded for current regulated facilities). When you find your facility, request access to it. An e-mail will be sent to Marin CUPA staff to verify. Go to step 4. 
  3. If your business is new within the year you’ll need to click “Add a New Facility.” 
  4. Once you have access to your facility, update or create the Facility Information Section, Business Activities Page, Hazardous Materials Inventory, and upload a copy of the current Emergency Response/Contingency Plan and Facility Site Map. If you are in multiple programs in CUPA, you may have more information to submit. 

To download a copy of the CERS California annotated site map, click here.

Help and training

Help, information, and training on CERS can be found on the CERS Central website.

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