Frank Valley Road near Muir Woods National Monument



The project is being led by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Frank Valley Road/Muir Woods Road is a two-lane roadway that provides connectivity between Muir Beach, Mill Valley and the park lands. For reference, Frank Valley Road becomes Muir Woods Road north of Redwood Creek Bridge near the National Monument (see map).


The County has been approved for a Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant for the resurfacing and rehabilitation of 2.48 miles of Frank Valley Road from the Muir Woods National Monument to State Route 1 in Muir Beach. The stretch of Frank Valley Road that is being rehabilitated is the only roadway providing access to the Muir Woods National Monument from the south. This project will improve both safety and function for 2.48 miles on the roadway through pavement rehabilitation, roadway shoulder stabilization, drainage improvements, roadway widening, and improved signage and striping. The road improvements will maintain the characteristics of a local, two-lane roadway to minimize environmental impacts to Redwood Creek.

In conjunction with the road improvements, additional grant funding will be utilized to replace and realign Redwood Creek Bridge, south of the National Monument entrance, as it has been classified as structurally deficient, functionally obsolete and in need of replacement. The proposed new bridge alignment will meet current road geometry and safety standards.


November 2016

  • Public Meeting #1

April 2017

  • Public Meeting #2

February 2023 (expected)

  • Draft Environmental Assessment / Initial Study (EA/IS) available for 30-day public review & comments

March 2023 (expected)

  • EA/IS Public Meeting

October 2023 (expected)

  • Environmental permit completion

TBD 2025

  • Construction starts

For more information on the project including specifics relating to the environmental process please visit the National Park Service webpage.

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