Fairfax-Bolinas Road in West Marin at milepost 5.73 (approximately 2 miles west of Azalea Hill) is single-lane access with two-way traffic controlled through one lane. This condition is at the construction zone only and will remain in place until project is completed. See project webpage for more details. Thank you for your patience while this project progresses.

2023 Road Sealant Project (Phase 1)

This is a completed project. You are in the Archived Projects section of the website. Active projects can be found on the Projects webpage.



The 2023 Road Sealant Project (Phase 1) includes crack sealing, slurry sealing, and new traffic striping on approximately 11 centerline miles of roadway in unincorporated areas of Marin.  The preservation treatments selected for this project are based on the current condition of the road, utility coordination and efficient road groupings. These types of sealant projects represent relatively low-cost improvements (compared to roadway rehabilitation types of projects) that prolong the effective life of roadways in good/fair condition.


The estimate for this project is $700,000 and it will be funded by the County's Road & Bridge Fund.  However, the final project costs are unknown at this time until the project is completed.

Traffic impacts

Construction will take place during the daytime hours with traffic control measures.  Sealing work is a relatively quick  compared to paving work, and typically requires only one day of significant traffic impacts.  Depending on the length of the road, closures may be done in separate phases.

For residential roads, each road will be closed for a maximum of 8 hours.  For arterial and collector roads, expect traffic control and lane closures with 10 minutes traffic delays during work hours.

Property owners/residents along the roads scheduled for sealing are given advance written notifications ahead of any work that requires their road to be closed in order for them to adequately prepare.


Spring 2023

  • Construction expected to be begin

Fall 2023

  • Construction expected to be complete
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