Fairfax Library Garden Improvement and Engraved Brick Project

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This Garden and Landscape Improvement Project will connect recently improved lower parking lot with ADA van accessible and general parking through an accessible path of travel to a new contemplation garden, trellis, park benches, and to the library entrance.  New plantings, lighting, irrigation are part of the project.  This more formal garden will replace green grass open space. A commemorative engraved brick patio is part of the project.


Engineer’s estimate for the project is $200,000.  ADA funding was used to improve the parking area to include ADA van parking and curb cuts. Project funded through donations, grant, brick sales, and Friends of the Library.

Public impacts

Public access to the library will remain open during the 90 days of active construction. Access to the lower parking lot will not be available during the construction period.


January 2022

  • Plans and specifications completed, Board of Supervisors action taken.

June 2022

  • Start of construction

 September 2022

  • Construction completed
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