Paradise Cay (County Service Area #29)


CSA #6 and #29 mapCounty Service Area (CSA) #29 is comprised of parcels of real estate within the Paradise Cay community, located near Tiburon, that have canal access. CSA #29 was created by the Marin County Board of Supervisors to allow residents to pass special assessments and/or special taxes to fund projects beneficial to the CSA, including dredging of the canals and waterways used by residents. Special taxes are levied upon parcels of real estate within a defined area for a specific purpose or project and are collected as part of your annual property tax bill.

Revenue from the special tax is used to remove naturally deposited silt and mud from the canals and waterways in Paradise Cay. Removing silt and mud increases the depth of the waterways and enhances their recreational use by providing navigable access to watercrafts. Sediment removal in CSA #29 occurs approximately every five years.

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