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Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Median Landscaping



The median landscaping for the now completed Upgrade The Drake project was placed on hold due to the ongoing drought and mandatory water use restrictions that began in summer 2021. The County will install new planting when Marin Water declares that the drought is over and the water use restrictions have been lifted. Marin had a great start to the rainy season with significant rainfall at the end of October 2021. See current water levels on the Marin Water website.

The initial landscape scope of the Upgrade The Drake project included landscape improvements to areas directly affected by the street improvements only. With the benefit of additional funds from County Service Area 17 (CSA 17, see details in Funding section), the landscape scope of the project was expanded to include all the medians in the corridor within the area of work. The additional funding allows the project to address the medians and other affected landscape areas in a holistic, cohesive design.

With extensive use of California native plants, the landscape will improve local habitat, support native pollinators and biodiversity, provide seasonal color and interest, and conserve water.

The planting design will adhere to practical requirements like minimizing maintenance needs, maximizing traffic safety and visibility, and maximizing longevity of proposed plants.

Proposed plants will meet the following criteria:

  • provide seasonal interest, with blooms, foliage, colors and textures throughout the year
  • incorporate numerous California natives
  • plants will be approved by FireSafe Marin for fire safety purposes
  • sight visibility considerations
  • low maintenance selections
  • conserve water, drought tolerance
  • support native biodiversity, including pollinators
  • work with existing landscape and aesthetic elements


Landscape improvements are funded in part by County Service Area 17 (CSA 17). CSA 17 funds ongoing maintenance of medians through this portion of the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard corridor. County Service Areas 16 (CSA 16) also will develop new plantings along the north frontage of the corridor to meet the same criteria.

Traffic impacts

There will be some traffic impacts associated with this median landscaping work. The extent will be determined once the project has been developed and will be announced in advance of any active work. It is expected that the work will be targeted for the summer months when school is not in session, so to avoid related traffic impacts.


TBD 2022

  • Project timing is dependent on the drought.
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