Marin County Fire Department Changeable Message Signs



This project will install electronic message signs at various fire station locations across Marin County.  The message signs will provide real-time information to the community in the event of an emergency, inform drivers of local traffic conditions, and provide other valuable information of general interest to the public.  The first phase of the project will see signs installed at the Tomales and Hicks Valley Stations, and planning completed for up to an additional three stations.


The budget for this project phase is $300,000, funded by the Fire/Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority Fund.

Public impacts

There will be minimal (if any) impacts to the public during construction.


Summer 2023

  • Design of the Tomales station site

Fall 2023

  • Sign installation at the Tomales station site

Winter 2023

  • Design of the Hicks Valley station site

Spring 2024

  • Sign installation at the Hicks Valley station site
  • Planning for potential additional station sites
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