land surveying equipment and the marin landscapeThe County Surveyor’s office provides surveying support to the Department of Public Works and other County departments. Our support includes: 

  • Topographic Surveys 
  • Monitoring Surveys 
  • County Right-of-Way Surveys 
  • County Property Surveys 
  • Managing and preserving County survey monuments 
  • Preparation of Legal Descriptions 

In addition to the above, the County Surveyor’s office reviews Final Maps, Parcel Maps, Lot Line Adjustments, Records of Survey, Corner Records, Certificates of Correction, and Annexations submitted to the County for review and recording by private land surveyors. The County Surveyor's office's goal is to ensure compliance with State laws and County codes governing the practice of land surveying and land development, and we encourage professionals surveying within our county to use recognized surveying practices.

Note:  The County does not perform surveys of private property.


Tracy W. Park, County Surveyor, (415) 473-6953

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