Fairfax-Bolinas Road in West Marin at milepost 5.73 (approximately 2 miles west of Azalea Hill) is single-lane access with two-way traffic controlled through one lane. This condition is at the construction zone only and will remain in place until project is completed. See project webpage for more details. Thank you for your patience while this project progresses.

Bolinas Road Slide Repairs – mileposts 1.27, 2.12 & 2.19



The March 2023 storms triggered multiple landslides and roadway damage along Bolinas Road. The damaged locations have been receiving repairs in order of urgency. The road is the sole route for hundreds of homes and provides critical access for wildland firefighting. The road is also the only way to reach water treatment facilities that supply drinking water for one-third of Marin Water’s customers, approximately 90,000 residents.

This project will address three landslide locations: Mileposts 1.27, 2.12 and 2.19. The scope will generally include construction of retaining walls to stabilize the roadway at each damaged section and repair related road damage. These locations are about 1.5 to 2.5 miles west of downtown Fairfax, approximately 1000 feet south of the intersection of Sky Oaks Rd and extending north to the Meadow Club.


The combined construction total for each location is expected to be $2.8M although total costs are subject to change with continued geotechnical review and investigation. The County has reported the damages to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and is expected to receive an 88% reimbursement through an FHWA grant.

Traffic impacts

There will likely be traffic delays and lane closures during construction, similar to recently completed projects on Fairfax-Bolinas Road at mileposts 1.34 and 1.16.  For the duration of the project,  it is likely that traffic will flow through a single lane with alternating two-way traffic control measures. Weekend work may be permitted as necessary and would be announced in advance to minimize inconvenience to travelers. Drivers and cyclists are required by law to adhere to all roadway laws, which include following the construction signage and traffic control measures. Some construction activities are expected to require short road closures of approximately four-hour intervals, which will be publicized in advance, as those crucial activities cannot be conducted with just a single lane closure.



  • Design phase

Fall 2025

  • Anticipated start of construction phase
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