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Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Street Lighting



The County is in the process of redesigning new street lighting related to the lights that were installed on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard (SFDB) during the Upgrade The Drake project. The redesign is intended to reduce light dispersal on adjacent properties, decrease intensity and improve the light aesthetic while maintaining lighting uniformity levels necessary for safety.

Lighting poles and fixtures will be replaced along approximately one third of the SFDB corridor that was worked on as part of the Upgrade The Drake project. They will be replaced with shorter, decorative poles and fixtures. The shorter poles require closer spacing to sufficiently and uniformly light the roadway, resulting in a net increase in total street lights with a net decrease of light dispersal into adjacent properties. To reduce additional cost, the placement of these decorative poles will reuse light foundations already installed to the extent possible.

The majority of light fixtures on the remaining two thirds of the project corridor, excluding intersection safety lighting, will be replaced with different fixtures that are dimmer and cast less light outside of the roadway and sidewalks. In addition, backlight shields will be installed on all sidewalk light poles to further minimize light spill into neighboring yards.

The pole replacements are only occurring in median locations where a number of new poles were added. In areas where there were existing street light poles in the pre-project condition, only the fixture head will be replaced. It should be noted that the estimated lead time for ordering new poles is 6 months.

Additionally, safety light fixtures will be replaced at the eight signalized intersections along SFDB from Highway 101 and the Town of Ross.


The project is expected to be funded by the remaining budget of the Upgrade the Drake project and the Marin County Street Light Fund.

Traffic impacts

There will be some traffic impacts associated with this lighting replacement project. The extent will be determined once the project has been fully developed and will be announced in advance of any active work.


November 2021

  •  Safety light fixtures will be replaced at the eight signalized intersections along SFDB from Highway 101 and the Town of Ross

Winter 2021/22

  • Lighting replacement project goes to bid with contractors

Spring/Summer 2022

  • Anticipated start of construction for the lighting replacement project


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