Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium Parking & North Campus Improvements Project



The Veterans Memorial (VMA) parking lot and north campus gateway to the Marin Center requires significant repairs that include a new surface, subgrade repairs, and new permeable drainage system. The work incorporates identified needs from prior campus traffic studies and parking plans, provides for new Wi-Fi devices to improve campus coverage, future conduits to support electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations, new islands, walkways, modernized lighting fixtures and controls, and landscape areas. These improvements will all support the Veterans’ Memorial facilities and various Marin County Cultural Services’ events/activities. The completed work will include a new asphalt surface with striping, signage, hardscape, irrigation, plantings, as well as improvements to traffic flow, bicycle access, pedestrian access and accessibility to provide a better experience for all users.


The project is estimated at $7.5 million, funding set-aside began in 2012 under the County's Capital Improvement Project fund.

Public impacts

The parking lot is used during many regular events, including VMA Auditorium events such as the San Francisco Opera, the weekly Farmers’ Market, seasonal antique shows, the Marin County Fair, and Marin County Family Fun Day, as well as in support of public emergency situations. During the construction phase of the project, there would be public impact due to parking lot closure; however, the VMA building itself will also be closed for a separate project (VMA Seismic Retrofit) during this cooperative improvement period. Detours and alternative access options will be announced closer to the implementation phase to allow Avenue of the Flags to function and support the Marin Center buildings and parking area.


Summer 2023

  • Project bidding phase

Fall 2023

  • Expected start of construction phase

Spring 2024

  • Expected completion of construction phase
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