Point Reyes Petaluma Rd and Nicasio Valley Rd Improvements



Currently, for vehicular traffic traveling south on Point Reyes Petaluma Road and wanting to continue straight, as well as those wanting to turn left onto Nicasio Valley Road, have to share the same lane.  Also, for vehicular traffic traveling from Nicasio Valley Road, those wanting to turn left or right onto Point Reyes Petaluma Road have to share the same lane. This project will widen the southbound stretch of Point Reyes Petaluma Road, add a dedicated left turn lane or turn pocket and associated roadway widening, asphalt paving and improve intersection traffic safety.


Estimated project cost is $2.2M,  of which $1.8M is Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant funded and the remainder will be funded from the County's Road and Bridge Fund.

Public impacts

During the construction phase, expect delays of up to 15 minutes between the hours of 8 am to 5 pm. There is the possibility of lane closures with traffic control measures in place.


Fall 2024

  • Expected construction
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