FAQ Topic: Sidewalk and pavement

How do I request a road closure?

To request a road closure, please submit an Unified Application for Encroachment Permit with the following : A written description Select ‘yes’ for Road Closure Select Surface Type: Asphalt/concrete/other Attachments – please attach a site map, drawing or sketch Visit our Land use permits page to learn more.

When is my road going to be fixed?

The Engineering Paving Program explains the process for road selection and improvement based on the Pavement Condition Index. To learn more, visit our Engineering Paving Program page.

Who is responsible for repairing the sidewalk in front of my property?

Pursuant to the California Street & Highways code §5610-5614, it is the property owner’s responsibility to repair sidewalks that front their property.  If the street is County-maintained, you will need to procure an Encroachment Permit before commencing any work.  However, all fees associated with the Permit are waived for sidewalk repair. Visit our Land use permits … Continued

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