Fairfax-Bolinas Road in West Marin at milepost 5.73 (approximately 2 miles west of Azalea Hill) is single-lane access with two-way traffic controlled through one lane. This condition is at the construction zone only and will remain in place until project is completed. See project webpage for more details. Thank you for your patience while this project progresses.

FAQ Topic: Homeowner and property

How do I report illegal dumping that is on the side of the road?

To report illegal dumping of trash on the side of the road, please contact us via this form and provide as much location detail as possible. Please be aware that depending on what agency has jurisdiction over trash collection at the location, or if the trash materials require special equipment, the response time may vary.

Who is responsible for repairing drainage culvert pipes on my property?

In many areas of Marin, culvert pipes are predominantly located within private property and are the private property owner’s responsibility to maintain. However, costs to properly repair deteriorating culverts may be prohibitive and therefore, simply not done, which can heighten risks of damage to public infrastructure. Please see the Drainage Assistance Program to find out … Continued

What flood zone is my property located in?

Visit the FEMA flood map service center to  find your official flood map, access a range of other flood hazard products, and take advantage of tools for better understanding flood risk.

Where can I take household hazardous waste?

Marin County has two drop off facilities, one in Marin and one in Novato.  Information detailing what constitutes hazardous waste may be found by visiting one of the following websites: Marin Household Hazardous Waste  Novato Household Hazardous Waste

How do I request a road closure?

To request a road closure, please submit an Unified Application for Encroachment Permit with the following : A written description Select ‘yes’ for Road Closure Select Surface Type: Asphalt/concrete/other Attachments – please attach a site map, drawing or sketch Visit our Land use permits page to learn more.

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