What is happening with the VMA Parking Lot?

The Veterans Memorial (VMA) parking lot and north campus gateway to the Marin Center requires significant repairs that include a new surface, subgrade repairs, and new permeable drainage system under parking stalls (see Project webpage). The work incorporates prior campus traffic studies and parking plans, provides for new Wi-Fi devices to improve campus coverage, future conduits to support electrical vehicle (EV) charging, new islands, walkways, modernized new lighting fixtures and controls, and irrigated landscape areas. These improvements will support the Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium and various Marin County Cultural Services’ events/activities. The completed VMA parking lot area will include a new asphalt surface with striping, signage, hardscape, irrigation and plantings to better support traffic, bicycles, VMA patrons, and pedestrian access. The total project cost is estimated at $9.4 million. The funding set-aside process began in 2012 under the County’s Capital Improvement Project fund. 

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