FAQ Topic: Printing Services FAQs

Where is the submit button? 

The submit button is located at the bottom of the form. You must go to the end of the form to find and click the submit button.  

What if I didn’t get an email receipt and copy of my form? 

Depending on your email service, the email receipt may arrive anywhere from immediately to 24 hours later.   Please check that the form was not delivered to your spam or junk mail folders. The sender will be: ”DO_NOT_REPLY@marincounty.org. ”  If you do not have a receipt within an hour, please click here to send us a message. 

Why won’t the form open?

Some people may experience problems with Adobe Reader and its interaction with their computer. If you do not see the form or if you see a “Please wait…” message that is not eventually replaced, your web browser’s settings may need configuration.   Chrome and Firefox have different “add-ons,” “plug-ins” and “extensions” that enable the browser to … Continued

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