FAQ Topic: Noise

How do I report noise from military aircraft?

The FAA does not have the authority to regulate the operations of military aircraft. If you live near a military installation, you should try contacting their noise office or community relations department for more information on their operations in your community.

How do I report noise from helicopters?

Helicopters generally fly under visual flight rules (VFR), where they are not under the control of Air Traffic Control (ATC) resulting in ATC not controlling where the helicopter flies. While some metropolitan areas have defined helicopter routes, many are voluntary and helicopter pilots can deviate from those routes. You should contact the helicopter operator directly … Continued

How do I report noise from airplanes?

Airport noise issues and concerns near the Gnoss Field Airport can be directed to the County’s Airport Manager: Dan Jensen at (415) 897-1754 or via email. Important note: If you believe the airplanes were flying unsafely, then this is an issue for your local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO): FAA Oakland Office, 1420 Harbor … Continued

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