FAQ Topic: General

How is Gnoss field Airport used?

The Department of Public Works operates Marin County Airport, known as Gnoss Field, for residents, visitors, businesses and local government agencies needing personal air transportation. Airport users vary from daily flights for business people or flight training, to occasional trips for personal travel or special services of a government agency. Visit our Gnoss Field Airport … Continued

How much does it cost to store my aircraft on site?

Aircraft parked overnight on tie-downs will be tagged and fees are $10/night for small aircraft, $15/night for turboprop aircraft, and $20/night for turbine aircraft. To request a permit to store an aircraft at Gnoss Field, use our Aircraft Storage Permit Form to request a tie-down space on the ramp, a portable hangar or a county … Continued

Where can I find information about flight activity at Gnoss Field?

People interested in tracking flight activity at Gnoss Field may use several web-based services. Aircraft flying on flight plans landing or departing from Gnoss Field can be located using FlightAware, including activity for the previous several days. Aircraft tracked by radar may be located using FlightRadar24, including a playback option for the past seven days. … Continued

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