Is Marin vulnerable to sea level rise and how does it relate to the Flood Control program?

Rising sea levels and more severe storm flooding as a result of climate disruption are impacting Marin County. These impacts are expected to increase in frequency and severity as sea level rise accelerates. Sea level rise adaptation planning is a collaborative effort by multiple agencies, partners, and municipalities, including the County of Marin.  To learn more about the progress so far and the efforts that are underway, please visit the Marin Sea Level Rise webpage. The Marin County Flood Control & Water Conservation District oversees eight “Flood Control Zones” in Marin which address specific flood mitigation needs for each of those unique zones. Please note that the eight zones do not cover all of Marin county. To find out if you live in a Flood Control Zone and to find out more about each zone, visit the Flood Control program webpage.

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