How do I get an Encroachment Permit?

The County website outlines steps to follow and provides links to helpful resources. Applicants should submit an Unified Application for Encroachment Permit  following  these steps:

  • Confirm that the planned work or event is in an area of unincorporated Marin and involves a County-maintained road and right-of-way by querying Marin Maps at
  • Prepare a site map or plan that shows the property line, site features, and proposed improvements to submit with your application.
  • If traffic control is required, a MUTCD compliant traffic control plan should also be submitted with your application. All work, including but not limited to sewer repair, utility upgrades, tree trimming and sidewalk repair, in the County right-of-way must be planned and carried out to minimize inconvenience to the traveling public.

Provide evidence of liability coverage in the applicant’s name in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate, which names the County of Marin as an additional insured.

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