Fairfax-Bolinas Road in West Marin at milepost 5.73 (approximately 2 miles west of Azalea Hill) is single-lane access with two-way traffic controlled through one lane. This condition is at the construction zone only and will remain in place until project is completed. See project webpage for more details. Thank you for your patience while this project progresses.


Code MCC 23.08.030

Grading necessary for agricultural operations do not require a grading permit unless the grading will create a cut or fill that could endanger a structure, public road or result in the obstruction of a watercourse or drainage conduit (MCC §23.08.030). Grading within a creek is subject to an approved grading plan required for a creek permit (MCC §11.08).

Grading projects that would normally require a permit under MCC §23.08.025, but that are performed as emergency measure during natural disasters to safeguard life and property and/or public safety may be started immediately. The work should be reported to the Public Works Land Development Division within three business days; the property owner should be prepared to submit all necessary materials for a grading permit and comply with any requirements of the permit.

If proposed grading work will be performed as part of a project permitted by the County of Marin Community Development Agency, i.e., a building permit, a separate grading permit will not be issued.

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