Code MCC 23.08.030

Grading necessary for agricultural operations do not require a grading permit unless the grading will create a cut or fill that could endanger a structure, public road or result in the obstruction of a watercourse or drainage conduit (MCC §23.08.030). Grading within a creek is subject to an approved grading plan required for a creek permit (MCC §11.08).

Grading projects that would normally require a permit under MCC §23.08.025, but that are performed as emergency measure during natural disasters to safeguard life and property and/or public safety may be started immediately. The work should be reported to the Public Works Land Development Division within three business days; the property owner should be prepared to submit all necessary materials for a grading permit and comply with any requirements of the permit.

If proposed grading work will be performed as part of a project permitted by the County of Marin Community Development Agency, i.e., a building permit, a separate grading permit will not be issued.

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