Marin Water Opens Recycled Water Filling Station By Civic Center

Posted on August 18, 2021

For Immediate Release –

San Rafael, CA –

County grants access, partners with district to serve Marin residents


Recycle water

(The following is a release from Marin Water)

San Rafael, CA — A recycled water filling station will open to all Marin County residents on Wednesday, August 18 at 10 a.m. at Armory Drive in San Rafael, across the street from the Marin County Civic Center. The temporary filling station was constructed after Marin Water was granted access to the Marin County-owned site by the Board of Supervisors on June 15.

The filling station is open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Marin residents interested in picking up recycled water will need to complete an application to ensure the recycled water is used in a safe manner, and provide proof of residency.

Applications can be downloaded at[External] and will also be available at the filling station. After submitting an application, residents will be issued an ID card to display each time they visit the filling station.

Residents must bring their own sealable containers to transport recycled water. Containers must hold at least 10 gallons, with a maximum of 300 gallons allowed per trip. Residents should keep in mind a gallon of water weighs just over eight pounds, and to plan accordingly to determine how much water to pick up.

“We’re excited to provide all county residents with recycled water that can be used for outdoor watering, or washing hardscapes,” said Nole Studley, Marin Water’s Supervisor of Reclamation and Backflow. “Recycled water is not subject to the current water use restrictions, and allows people to care for their landscapes without impacting our drinking water supply.”

While Marin Water has been providing recycled water for commercial uses such as street cleaning, sewer flushing, and dust control and compaction, this is the first time residents have been able to pick up recycled water directly from the district. Rainfall will determine when the filling station closes. The district anticipates providing recycled water through the fall.

Using Recycled Water Safely

  • Recycled water CAN be used to water trees, gardens, vegetable gardens and lawns. Residents can also use recycled water to wash outdoor furniture, or other hard surfaces (paths, walls, windows, driveways and sidewalks) in a manner that does not result in runoff to the storm drain.
  • Recycled water CANNOT be used for drinking, cooking (or use in the kitchen), bathing or showering, filling swimming pools or spas, children’s water toys, or hooking into household plumbing systems.

“While the traffic impacts during this project will be an inconvenience, the project is being constructed to avoid substantial failure of Dillon Beach Road,” said Eric Miller, DPW Principal Civil Engineer. “Addressing this issue now prevents further ground movement that would have likely resulted in a larger, more impactful project scope.”

Improving roadway conditions and road safety across unincorporated areas of Marin has been an ongoing commitment of the County for years and is one of the top priorities for the Board of Supervisors.

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