Airport Newsletter March 2019

Posted on March 30, 2019

Introduction of Tony Williams

Hello Gnoss Field Businesses, Tenants and Pilots, the Airport Division of the Department of Public Works has a new Assistant Director, Tony Williams. Tony is a licensed civil engineer with 26 years of experience in engineering and construction. Prior to joining the County of Marin, Tony worked for the City of Novato Public Works Department where he managed the City’s Stormwater Program, FEMA CRS Program, Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Program, Hamilton Levee System, and several CIP infrastructure projects. His previous work experience includes environmental restoration contracting, an engineering consulting firm, the US Army Corps of Engineers (San Francisco District), as well as seven years of military service as a US Naval Officer. Tony is a Marin County native and lives in Novato with his wife and two daughters.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for future Runway Extension

The FAA is currently working on the Purpose and Need Working Paper and will schedule a public meeting once the FAA has received all internal comments. A possible meeting date of May 30th, 2019 has been suggested but not confirmed. The likely meeting location is the Board Chambers at the Civic Center.

Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP)

As of October 2018, airport staff has implemented the FAA approved Wildlife HAZARD Management Plan and will perform non-lethal wildlife control as needed. Staff will identify and respond in a timely manner to hazardous wildlife and hazardous situations that are identified or reported to airport staff. Airport staff will primarily be using harassment techniques and pyrotechnics such as using blanks for a starter pistol and loud Bangers and Screamers for larger flocking birds. As always, please notify staff of any unusual wildlife hazards and report all animal strikes that occur on airport.

Self-Serve Fuel Island Update

CB Aviation is the fuel provider at Gnoss Field. The Self-Serve Fuel unit was to be installed within 9 months of the start of their lease April 16th, 2018. However, there have been some setbacks for CB Aviation on the 100LL unit they purchased. The County has placed notice on CB Aviation to have the new unit installed no later than May 3rd, 2019.

General Airport Issues and Requests:

Security Entrance Gates

As you all have been aware, both vehicle entrance gates have been out of order due to the outdated card reader system. In researching our options, we were able to purchase new card readers and program our current cards into the system. Happy to report that as of March 19, the gates are working correctly, and I’ve received no issues with tenant access.

Aircraft Storage Permits and Insurance

Please update your information with current aircraft and contact information on your hangar space at Gnoss Field. Per the County Aircraft Storage Permit for habitually situated aircraft:All Permittees agree to disclose all aircraft he/she has caused to locate on the Airport and shall be financially responsible for these aircraft or for any other access onto the property granted by this permit. Any owner shall furnish the County, in advance of arrival of the aircraft, evidence of financial responsibility in the minimum requirements of: $1,000,000 combined single limit coverage with exception of per/passenger sub-limit of $100,000.

Trash and Recycle Bins

Please read the signs posted on each dumpster for accepted trash and recycle items. The left dumpsters are for trash items only and the right dumpsters are only for approved recycle items only. Our service provider will not pick up the containers if items not posted on the signs are placed within the dumpsters and recycle bins.

Night Operations

Please make sure that while on the Airport Operations Area (AOA) at night, your vehicle headlights are on LOW-BEAM. Many pilots who fly out of Gnoss Field require low light environments for night flights.

Please Slow Down

On the Airport Operations Area the Speed Limit is 15 MPH. There have been a couple of close calls recently due to cars going too fast and not yielding to other vehicles and taxiing aircraft. Aircraft staff have been notifying tenants and their guests to slow down. Upon a second or third notice from staff for excess speed, your vehicle access may be revoked for non-compliance.

Vehicle/Trailer Parking on the AOA

All vehicles must be parked inside your hangar for overnight flights. There is no long-term parking on the airport AOA. Vehicles that are parked on the AOA for extended periods of time (overnight) will receive notice that all vehicles parked overnight should be inside your hangar or the long-term parking areas outside the AOA. Upon a second notice of parking violations, your vehicles may be towed at the vehicle owners’ expense.

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