Report Issue: Traffic or street light malfunctions

Need to report traffic signal malfunctions to the correct jurisdiction?

The County’s only maintains specific traffic signal and traffic control devices. Please see the full list.  For more information regarding County-maintained traffic signals, contact our Traffic Operations.

For problems such as dark or malfunctioning street lights, please contact DC Electric using their online reporting form.

The following information will be helpful in all calls for service: 

  • Intersection name w/ both major road and cross-street 
  • Specifics of problem (i.e., signal head light out, in flash, or total outage) 
  • For signal head calls, note the specific location of head, the direction facing, and the specific color of a light not working 
  • Street light pole number 

For traffic signals not included on the County’s service list:

Signals and devices not shown on the County list may either be located on a state highway or at an interchange ramp intersection, which could fall under the jurisdiction of either Caltrans or an incorporated city/town.

For Caltrans devices, please reach out to the Signal Operations representative during normal business hours at 510-715-9592. 

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