High School Students Attend Public Works Field Trip

Posted on May 18, 2022

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San Rafael, CA –

Several dozen attend educational showcase of county government


The visiting students experienced demonstrations ranging from radio installs for emergency service vehicles to construction machinery, as well as civil engineering work and sea level rise adaptation planning.
The visiting students experienced demonstrations ranging from radio installs for emergency service vehicles to construction machinery, as well as civil engineering work and sea level rise adaptation planning.

On May 18, a group of 46 high school students attended a special tour of the Marin County Department of Public Works (DPW) headquarters as part of the 62nd annual National Public Works Week celebration. Hosted by DPW and planned in conjunction with the Marin County Office of Education, the field trip introduced the students to a wide range of disciplines that fall under the purview of public works.

Teens from Terra Linda, San Rafael, Madrone, Novato, and Marin Oaks high schools were met by DPW’s Director, Rosemarie Gaglione, at the Marin County Civic Center entrance. Following the Gaglione’s welcome and an overview of what public works agencies are responsible for, the students began a 2.5-hour educational tour of seven of the 19 divisions that comprise DPW. The showcase featured presentations by staff from Engineering, Water Resources, Building Maintenance, Road Maintenance, Fleet & Garage, Radio Communications, and Waste Management divisions. The tour was conducted in accordance with COVID-19 precautions set by the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services.

“Our department’s goal is to build a better community, but that doesn’t just mean building infrastructure,” Gaglione said. “We’re proud to have had this opportunity to connect with local students and share our knowledge with the next generation. It’s important to show them the variety of meaningful careers that are available in public service, ones that strive to improve our community for all.”

In addition to receiving firsthand information about the various careers and how those professional paths can be pursued, students also experienced demonstrations ranging from heavy construction machinery to radio setups for emergency service vehicles. Additionally, the attendees had hands-on time with engineering and land surveying equipment, giving them a unique opportunity to see what a day in the life of a civil engineer feels like. Students left the tour knowing how to access resources necessary to learn more about public service career paths.

“Our hope is that the students gained a better understanding of what a public works agency does and how important those duties are for our community’s safety and functionality,” said Gaglione. “And if we sparked any desire to pursue a public service career, then that’s an even brighter future for our local government.”

The County of Marin is committed to encouraging younger generations entering the workforce to pursue careers in local government. To help facilitate that, the County has developed an internship program and a Career Explorer Youth Program to make such pathways more accessible. Efforts are also being made to create more entry level positions in various departments, including Public Works.

The field trip was planned as part of the National Public Works Week, an annual event intended to increase awareness of the services that public works agencies perform for their communities. The Marin County Board of Supervisors officially acknowledged the 62nd annual National Public Works Week at its May 17 meeting, presenting a resolution stating DPW helps make Marin County a safer and better place to live by designing, maintaining, and improving County infrastructure, including 52 public facilities, over 420 miles of roadway and 56 bridges, as well as overseeing eight watersheds with related sea level rise adaptation and flood mitigation measures.

“Marin County is a beautiful place to live for so many reasons, but foremost is the incredible community and its united values,” Gaglione said. “The acknowledgment from the Board highlights the crucial role our dedicated Public Works staff play in making Marin what it is. We are, as a community, better together, stronger together. That can be seen nationwide as well, and public works agencies are at the center of it, helping to keep things going. America doesn’t work without public works.”


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