Wildlife Hazard Assessment

Airport Planning

August 3, 2021

The County of Marin initiated a Wildlife Hazard Assessment (WHA) at the Marin County Airport/Gnoss
Field (DVO) during June 2015. The WHA is an ecological study that includes 12 months of biological
monitoring in accordance with federally approved protocols to determine the presence of wildlife or
wildlife habitat that could pose hazards to aviation. The results of the study will be used to identify and
reduce potential wildlife hazards and prevent wildlife strikes at DVO.

Biological monitors will visit established monitoring points to observe wildlife on and near the airport twice
each month and deploy game cameras throughout the 12-month study period. Two night-time monitoring
events and two small mammal monitoring events will also be performed. All activities will be conducted to
avoid impacts to aircraft operations.

The WHA is being performed by the County through the support of a grant from the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA) and in accordance with applicable FAA regulations and guidance. If you have
questions regarding the study, please contact Mr. Dan Jensen, Airport Manager at (415-897-1754).

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