Airport newsletter September 2017

Posted on September 5, 2017

September 29 — County staff is excited about the progress made in the first full week of the runway rehabilitation project. Large heavy equipment has been brought in by the contractor and over a quarter of the runway pavement has been ground up, screened and stockpiled on site this week. The ground up asphalt is being sorted on site so that as much of it as possible can be reused and recycled as the runway subbase. Geogrid material has been delivered and will be used to strengthen the runway subgrade where needed. Work is progressing on schedule and we expect that next week the contractor will continue to completely grind up the entire runway.


September 27 — The Gnoss Field runway rehabilitation officially began Monday, September 25, with construction work getting underway by the contractor, Team Ghilotti. Equipment has been mobilized and several potholes have been drilled. Erosion control and sediment control best management practices have been implemented along the runway as a precaution. The County’s Notice to Proceed[PDF] is available for viewing.

A construction process meeting was held between the contractors and the Marin County DPW project leads. Team Ghilotti provided this 3-week schedule of construction activity.[PDF] The next major construction phase is the grinding of the existing runway pavement and cross section. The schedule reflects the expected timetable and the runway remains on target with October 26 as the anticipated reopening date.

September 25 — The runway rehabilitation project begins today, September 25, at Gnoss Field. As previously stated, the construction work requires the closure of the runway. The expected reopening is October 26. The County issued Notice to Proceed[PDF] is available for viewing.


September 19 — There will be an estimated 3-hour closure of the Gnoss Field runway this Thursday, 9/21 and/or Friday, 9/22. Team Ghilotti plans to perform a test strip of the runway asphalt, as well as conduct “potholing” to map the electrical and culvert locations beneath the asphalt. They have also requested to perform the same strategic mapping (potholing) on the taxiways in 6 different locations, which may require 1-hour closures for each sample during Thursday and Friday as well. Allowing this preliminary work will improve the efficiency of the runway project and ensure the runway is only closed as long as is necessary for the main project. Please call the Airport Manager at (415) 897 1754 if this presents any problems.


September 13 — In preparation for the full runway rehabilitation project, the contractor (Team Ghilotti) will be conducting a materials test. The process will require an approximately 3-hour closure of the runway while the contractor works on a 4’x50’ test strip of asphalt. By doing this test ahead of the construction project, the contractor can optimize their production and reduce the chance of any potential construction delays during the actual project. The exact date of this short term closure has yet to be determined but will be announced online in advance and postings at the airport. If you have not already done so, sign up for subscription services to the airport web page and get automatic notices of new information posted on the web page.


September 12 — At the September 12th Board of Supervisors session, the supervisors voted to approve the rental relief for aviation businesses with County leases at Gnoss Field. The rental relief applies to the month of October while the airport’s runway is closed for the rehabilitation project and only for the County’s seven business leases at the airport. For questions or concerns, contact Dan Jensen, Marin County Airport Manager, at (415) 897-1754. View the Board of Supervisors letter regarding rent relief.

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