Airport Newsletter June 2022

Posted on June 7, 2022

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Welcome, Pauletta Jordan

Please give a warm welcome to Pauletta Jordan, our new Public Works Assistant Director of Business Services and the Airport for the County of Marin. Pauletta has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Business Administration, a Master’s in Quality Systems Management, and another Masters in Global Supply Chain Management. Prior to coming to work at the County of Marin, Pauletta had a successful career in the aerospace industry.

Office of Emergency Services Drill – THURSDAY – June 9th from 8AM -12PM

The Office of Emergency Services (OES) will be conducting a joint “County-wide Mass Casualty Drill” at Gnoss Field for a “Simulated Off Runway Accident.” The drill will consist of at least three helicopters, the California Highway Patrol, the Sheriff’s department, local police and several fire departments. The Drill will take place on the ramp area closest to the taxiway this Thursday, from 8AM until 12 Noon. Please use extra caution with the numerous vehicles and agencies using the ramp area. Please note that the airport will remain open with no restrictions; however, the use of the tie down spaces on the east side of the tie down ramp area will be closed.

Runway Closure for Non-Precision Approach Runway Markings

The FAA has provided a letter of “No Objection” for new Non-Precision Approach Runway Markings that will provide lower minimums on the GPS approach into Gnoss Field. The runway will need to be closed for the painting process and should be able to be completed in one day. Please check NOTAMS and/or the airport AWOS for announcements on the closure.

Water Conservation

Since June 2021, the airport’s wash rack has been CLOSED on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for water conservation. All irrigation systems were turned off as well. With the current lack of rainfall, we ask that you please continue to conserve water and plan accordingly and observe the closure. We also ask that you please use the wash rack for aircraft only, no personal vehicles.

Request for Qualifications: Airport Consulting Firms

The County put out a request for qualifications (RFQ) for an airport consultant consisting of Airport Planning, Architecture/Engineering, Environmental, and Consulting Services. County staff interviewed several consultant firms to provide design, planning, engineering, construction management and environmental review/approval services associated with the airfield improvements identified on the Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP) for funding in the next five (5) years. The County awarded two firms, Mead and Hunt and ESA and they will begin working on projects for the next steps in the proposed 300 foot runway extension.

July 2022 5% CPI Increase

On your July 2022 statements, a 5% CPI will be added on your billing for a new monthly rate. The CPI
rate was obtained from the April Consumer Price Index, San Francisco Area. Also, please check your monthly statements from the Department of Finance for amounts past due. When the new CPI increase takes effect in July each year, many of you have your monthly statements on autopay and there are outstanding fees still due on several accounts. Please check your account balances and pay the unpaid amounts in full.

Unauthorized Contractors and Mechanics

A permit must be obtained from the Airport Manager prior to any mechanical work or aircraft detailing services are performed at Gnoss Field. Any aircraft/hanger owner who hires unauthorized contractors to work on Gnoss Field will be held responsible for allowing unauthorized work to be performed at the airport. If tenants are found to violate Marin County Code (see below for specifics), fines will be accessed to both the aircraft and/or hanger owner and may lose the use of storage permit and the ability to base their aircraft at Gnoss Field.

  • Marin County Code 12.04.050 – Business activities:

    No person shall use the airport in any manner whatsoever for any commercial, profit, gainful, or revenue producing purpose, including, without limitation, flight instruction or mechanical work, without written approval of Marin County. No person shall distribute, post or display any commercial or noncommercial signs, circulars, handbills or advertisements on the airport without the consent of the airport manager. No person shall solicit funds for any purpose on the airport.

  • Marin County Code 12.04.210 – Violations:

    Any person who violates any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed six months or a fine not to exceed the sum of five hundred dollars, or by both such imprisonment and fine.

Aircraft Storage Permits and Insurance

Please update your information with current aircraft and contact information on your space at Gnoss Field. Per the County Aircraft Storage Permit for habitually situated aircraft:

  • “All Permittees agree to disclose all aircraft he/she has caused to locate on the Airport and shall be financially responsible for these aircraft or for any other access onto the property granted by this permit. Any owner shall furnish the County, in advance of arrival of the aircraft, evidence of financial responsibility in the minimum requirements of: $1,000,000 combined single limit coverage with exception of per/passenger sub-limit of $100,000.”
  • Please update your hangar and aircraft information.

Trash and Recycle Bins

Please only put allowed items in the Trash and Recycle dumpsters. Items that are not allowed are still being discarded in the dumpsters and the airport is getting charged extra for these items. Staff will be closely monitoring the video cameras and contacting offenders to recover these extra fees in the future.
Also, please DO NOT LEAVE ANY items outside the dumpster enclosures. The only acceptable fluids in the recycle shed is used aircraft motor oil. Please do not leave propane tanks, electronics, paints, thinners, or any type of solvents. These are not recyclable and hazmat service providers are very expensive to discard these items. This is an ongoing problem and staff may have to place locks on the dumpsters and recycle shed if this persists. Thank you for your help and cooperation!

FAA Hangar Use Policy and Sponsor Responsibilities

The primary purpose of Gnoss Field hangars must be for Aircraft Storage. If no aircraft is in your hangar, the hangar must be empty. Staff will be following up with individual hangar owners that have no aircraft associated to their hangar.
As an Airport Sponsor who accepts Federal airport grants, the County is bound by the conditions and assurances in the associated grant agreements. These obligations include grant assurances related to use of hangars and other designated aeronautical facilities on the airport for exclusively aeronautical purposes.

Vehicle/Trailer Parking on the Airport Operations Area (AOA)

All vehicles must be parked inside your hangar for overnight flights. There is no long-term parking on the airport AOA or County Property. Vehicles that are parked on the AOA for extended periods of time (overnight) will receive notice that vehicles parked overnight should be inside your hangar or the long-term parking areas outside the AOA. Upon a second notice of parking violations, your vehicles may be towed at the vehicle owners’ expense.

Thank you and fly safe!

For further questions or comments, please contact:
Dan Jensen, Airport Manager, at (415) 897-1754 or


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