Veterans Memorial Auditorium Parking Lot Improvements



Planned improvements to the Veterans Memorial Auditorium (VMA) include design for the replacement of the existing deteriorated VMA asphalt parking lot. The scope of work includes a new pavement surface, modernized subgrade, an efficient traffic and parking plan, new lighting and additional Wi-Fi connectivity.


The project is estimated at $5 million, funded in 2013 under the County's Capital Improvement Project fund.

Public impacts

The parking lot is used during many regular events, including VMA Auditorium events such as the San Francisco Opera, the Thursday Farmers’ Market, antique shows, the Marin County Fair, and Marin County Family Fun Day, as well as in support of public emergency situations. During the construction phase of the project, there would be public impact in relation to accessing the parking lot. Detours and alternative access options will be announced closer to the implementation phase.


Summer 2022

  • Design expected to reach 50% completion

Fall/Winter 2022

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