HSIP Guardrail Replacement



The project will consist of replacing nonstandard guardrails at 13 locations throughout Marin County, with a total installation of approximately 4500 linear feet of guardrail. The targeted sections are located along Tomales Petaluma Road, Marshall Petaluma Road, Point Reyes Petaluma Road, San Pedro Road, and Panoramic Highway. The work proposed will replace guardrail end treatments, as well as existing guardrails that are lower than the minimum guardrail height, and guardrails that have been damaged.

Work will also include 302 linear feet of soldier pile retaining wall at Panoramic Highway mile post 2.26 to support the replaced guardrail on the slope.  In the interest of public safety, the County is requesting Mount Tamalpais State Park to close a section of Panoramic Trail below the worksite temporarily during construction.


This project is funded in part by a California Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant.


Fall 2022

  • Anticipated start of construction.
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