Access Symbols

Posted on August 18, 2021

County of Marin
Disability Access Program
Accessibility Guidance Bulletin #11

Access Symbols

International-Symbol-of-Accessibility International Symbol of Accessibility This symbol should only be used to indicate access for individuals with limited mobility, including wheelchair users. For example, the symbol is used to indicate an accessible entrance, bathroom or a lowered phone or counter, or for wheelchair users.
Information Information This symbol may be used on signage or on a floor plan to indicate the location of the information or security desk, where one can find information or materials concerning access accommodations and services.
Sign Language Interpreted Sign Language Interpreted The symbol indicates that sign language interpretation is provided for a public meeting, lecture, tour, performance, conference or other program.
Closed_Captioning_2 Closed Captioned This symbol indicates that a television program or videotape is closed captioned for deaf or hard of hearing people (and others). TV sets or other equipment that have a built-in or a separate decoder are equipped to display dialogue for programs that are captioned. Videos that are part of exhibitions may also be closed-captioned. The alternative is open captioning, which automatically displays dialogue and other sounds in text.
Open Captioned Open Captioned This symbol indicates that captions, which translate dialogue and other sounds, are always automatically displayed in print on the screen. Open Captioning is preferred by many, including deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, persons with some cognitive impairments, as well as people whose second language is English. It is helpful in teaching children how to read and in keeping sound levels to a minimum in museums, restaurants, and bars.
large-print-symbol-300x300 Large Print This symbol for large print is printed in 18 point or larger text. It is used to indicate that large print versions of books, pamphlets, forms, museum guides and theater programs are available. Sans serif or modified serif print with good contrast is highly recommended, and special attention should be paid to letter and word spacing. Whenever possible, ask the individual what size font is preferred. (The smallest type written text that is considered to be “large print” is 14-point type.)
AD Audio Description for TV, Video and Film This service makes television, video, and film more accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. Description of visual elements is provided by a trained Audio Describer through the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) of televisions and monitors equipped with stereo sound.
TeleTYpewriter (TTY) TeleTYpewriter (TTY) This symbol indicates that direct TTY access is available. A TTY is a telephonic device with a text display used for communication between deaf, hard of hearing, speech-disabled and/or hearing persons. [In the past TTY has also been called text telephone (TT), or telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD). TTY is preferred.]
Live Audio Description Live Audio Description A service for people who are blind or have low vision that makes the performing and visual arts more accessible. A trained Audio Describer offers live commentary or narration (via headphones and a small transmitter) consisting of concise, objective descriptions of visual elements (for example, a theater performance or a visual arts exhibition at a museum).
Access for Individuals Who are Blind or Have Low Vision Access for Individuals Who are Blind or Have Low Vision This symbol may be used to indicate access for people who are blind or have low vision, other than print or Braille. For example, this symbol could indicate a guided tour; a path to a nature trail or a scent garden in a park; or a tactile tour or a museum exhibit that may be touched.
Volume Control Telephone Volume Control Telephone This symbol indicates the location of telephones that have handsets with amplified sound and/or adjustable volume controls.
Assistive Listening Systems or Devices These systems Assistive Listening Systems or Devices These systems transmit sound via hearing aids or headsets. They include infrared, loop and FM systems. Also available are portable systems that service conferences and meetings.
Braille Symbol Braille Symbol This symbol indicates that printed matter is available in Braille, including exhibition labeling, publications and signage.


Positive and negative tiff files of these symbols are available for copying or downloading directly FROM THE Graphic Artists Guild via: BROKEN LINK

For additional information, please contact:

County of Marin
Disability Access Program
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 304
San Rafael, CA 94903
(415) 473-4381 (Voice/CRS dial 711)
(415) 473-3799 (fax)

Based on original document courtesy King County (Washington) Office of Civil Rights


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